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iconderdome's Journal

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All Members , Moderated

We are a icon interest, sharing and info community. Please feel free to join and post any icons you've made that you want to share, any questions you may have, tutorials you've written, links to icons/tutorials/resources and/or just gab about icons and the icon making process.

When making an icon sharing post, please specify your credit/modification requirements/rules in the post containing the icons. (ie "Please comment and credit" or "No credit necessary" or "Textless icons are/are not bases, feel free to/don't modify")

You may also post any brushes, textures, bases, wallpapers, banners, color bars, graphics, tutorials or cell phone wall papers.

This is also the place to post looking for icon feedback, icon ideas, getting concrit and posting your icon tutorials.

In the future, I plan to put up some shiny graphics and start some icontests, but for now, we're sort of a coffee klatch type place.

No need to ask, membership is open. I hope to keep it that way.

No flaming, nastiness, name calling, etc. We're all adults here, so lets act our ages and be friendly and helpful rather than nasty and mean.

Please post any images or content that would rate above PG-13 on friends only lock AND behind a cut tag WITH A WARNING.

Thank you.

Welcome Aboard!