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Hey Gang!

Check out freshmakers! I stumbled on it last night and WOW. Many of the premier resources makers (brushes, graidents, layer masks, textures, etc) are on this comm posting their stuff.

You can't join the comm, that's only for the resources makers. but you can friend it and download all the goodies.


Who are your favorite rescource makers? Why? Can you link us to them so we can go download crazy with brushes and textrues and graidents and stuff?

Let's share info!


Does anyone else wing it??

Or do you make your icon with an actual "plan" in mind?  Me, I look at the picture, start fiddling, fiddle some more, sometimes garbage teh whole thing and start over.  I never have a set idea.  I keep fiddling with teh pic till I find something that suits it.  I think it's because I'm such a newbie that I spend more time experimenting so I can get to know my "tools" while I'm creating.

Warning, strong language.

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~That is all.
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Icon Tutorial and Challenge!

THIS is a great tutorial and makes a beautiful icon.

Why not go over there and everyone do the tutorial once through using her base image for practice, then use an image of your own and do THE EXACT SAME TUTORIAL with the same brushes, borders, gradients, colors, etc that she provides and post your finished icons here?

This is written for ps6, but will translate easily to other versions of ps and also to psp.

I can't wait to see your results! I'll post mine, too!



First, my version of kiera and the original icon made in the tutorial. Then, my own attempt at adapting it with a picture of CZJ.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The "R" on the CZJ icon is because she's for a rpg and the character's name starts with R.

Carry on!


...do you save every icon you make?

I do. Am I the only one? And let me tell you, there are A LOT of them. As in, many many.

I've had folks email me saying "Three years ago you made me an icon and I LOVE it. However, I lost my hard drive (or photobucket ate it, or any of a dozen other things) and now it's gone!! Oh NOES! Any chance I can get it back?" I hunt it up and give it to them, and for some sick and disturbed reason it really makes me feel good.

Surely I can't be the only one?
VH Bros

I did it!

Heh, I kept wondering about the "lasso" tool and finally took the plunge.  I tried using "lasso" and putting an image on another background.

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That is all....
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Go Go Godzilla!

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In spite of dandelow's reminder to back up custom features before I reinstalled CS2, I forgot to take my added on plug-ins into account. These are purchased plug-ins, mind. And yes, I am stupid and neglected to back them up when I got them.


Adobe let me redownload them.

I am now Adobe's bitch for life.