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Fun with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 [Aug. 23rd, 2006|12:20 pm]


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Did you ever start out following a tutorial and then realized it gave you "ideas" that sent you off in another direction?  I find tutorials help me understand just what the "tools" can do, things I never thought of before.

So I had to experiment.

As usual, everything is smaller since I still haven't gotten around to fixing the scrapbook setting hehe.  So click if you wanna see the bigger pic.  Anyhoo, I'm a huge Ratt fan and the following picture is something I kept trying to make into an icon...that I never liked.  I began fiddling with a tutorial and did this...

Found a nice background that was the "setting sun" because when he passed on, his ashes were scattered in the ocean when the sun was setting.  The "big red" is his favourite guitar that he designed and had Jackson build, which became known as the "King V" model.

After much fiddling and messing around...to the final product.

I'm not too sure if the icon is "too busy" or not, and whether that black line I painted in adds to it or detracts.  But I do like the results.  Or is it too much??  I also "repainted" his guitar cause it looked really faded when up against the background.

Moving on to project number two...

Here is the original picture.  I was just experimenting to see if I could "erase" the other two fellas and keep Mike and Vito.

I also fixed my Vince icon that I posted eons ago

That is all.  Has been mucho fun "learning."  Heh